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Red Elm Designs was founded in 2009 in order to bring you a variety of unique and beautiful handmade goods. After a few attempts at various products, we finally found our true home in party supplies. We began creating custom crayons in the spring of 2010, and the response has been great! We've been featured on countless websites and used by major retailers for promotions.

In 2012, we added our Print Shop line of products, primarily focusing around customized stickers for party favors..

In 2014, Red Elm Design's Party Shop was relaunched, focusing on a variety of custom embroidered items, such as keyfobs, baby blankets, party bags, and more..

Because of the way shops at Etsy are set up, we felt it best to separate the three product lines so that we could continue to provide an easy to use store for each product line. We do personally run all three shops, however, so if you are looking to combine products from multiple stores, just contact us through any shop and we will set up a custom order for you..

For those not familiar with it already, Etsy is a wonderful online community made up of various artisans and their inventories of handmade (or antique) items. The link to our online stores on the left will take you directly to our store sites at Etsy. Purchasing through Etsy is very simple, and if you have any questions there is a "Help" link in the top right of their site that should answer nearly anything you could ask. If you have any questions or just need some more personalized help, feel free to contact us using the Contact links on the left..

Finally, if you just want to discuss anything with us, feel free to use the Contact link on the left to send us an email. We try to reply within a day or so to all emails.